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Delivery Driver/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"not a good company they will send you into really bad areas to deliver groceries for Walmart. Cons: everything"

Call Centre Operator (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like it at spark. The management was always changing didn't really know what was happening the next work day. It was really unorganized and too expensive to travel to the city and quite frankly not worth going to work for."

Agent At Home (Former Employee) says

"Spark culture is management centered and you can expect little or no support. Employee surveys appear to get used against staff who don't rate Spark well. Cons: Lomg hours, poor pay, arrogant managers"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"Every night we have to call top positions on different company to introduce our free subscription magazine, Cons: Fix hour"

Credit Administration/Collections (Former Employee) says

"Having worked there for 34years under many CEOs I have found few matched their behavior to the behavior the company requested of ALL its staff. Staff regardless of expertise and loyalty are made redundant due to cheaper overseas resources"

Service Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"When they hired me they failed to provide me adequate training and actually had me decorating the office for some team competition they had going on. Cons: Terrible management"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Advantage - Decent Salary, Good benefit, insurance Cons: long hours"

Associate Director (Former Employee) says

"Spark is growing so fast they don't know how to keep up. I joined an account that had been at the agency around 4 months and walked into a half staffed team with no set processes for anything. Cons: everything else"

Electrician Field Contractor (Current Employee) says

"I spend more time laid off then working never have time to collect any benefits in order to get benefits you must work for 3 months never work for 3 months so I can not collect any benefits I don't get too much out of these people their job is very unsecured"

BDM development / IT Support (Current Employee) says

"Spark is currently going through some very complex management in infrastructural changes, this has made the working environment fractured."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Seems to be a common theme with these reviews to mention terrible management and its absolutely true."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Average work place. Good place for the beginners. Balanced work life culture. Little room for growth and development. Overall average company to work with. Cons: Poor management"

System Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Organisation management is unstable. Few team players but too many managers in authority. You are expected to do all the tasks.Good diverse technologies. Cons: Politics"

Technical Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Variety of work is good. Cons: Expectation to fix a technology you are not trained in enough."

Service Delivery Manager (Current Employee) says

"The people make the place good. Cons: Pay, no pay increases"

Customer care/ lady guard (Current Employee) says

"Willingress to work with people of different culture race with a bid to transform the company positively. Cons: Long hours"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I left Spark because there was no work life balance. I was in the office until after midnight on a regular basis and was given a hard time just trying to do things like take an hour to go to a doctors appointment. One of our team members missed her own birthday party because she was stuck at work late. The work itself wasn't terrible, but the stress was. The people were generally fun to work with, but we had a couple people who made loud racist remarks in our open floorpan office, and the management shrugged it off as them "just joking around." Cons: Healthcare not as good anymore, no work life balance, management"

Servizio clienti (Former Employee) says

"Un lavoro a lunga giornata lavorativa e impegnativa,si impara tanto come usare diverse macchine elettroniche. Azienda gestito da un personale di giovane età,il lavoro e proceduto nelle diverse nazione Africane e parte la più piacevole e che impari tanto ed il personale è accogliente e il cibo pausa cafee e ottimo Cons: Nessun trasporto"

Ontario Reginal Sales (Former Employee) says

"Company was working to hard at reducing cost, rather than improving relationships with existing customers. This led to an estrangement of customer base. Cons: poor inventory management"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Dynamic and interesting work with very knowledgeable team. Cons: Poor management, long hours, stressful environment, little support or awareness from management"

Shakita Lóvena Newby says

"Very very disgusting disappointment company I left my TV with the man in his van and it came back fully smashed from the inside of the screen! And not anybody is offering to do anything about it! Nobody use this company!!"

Dave Hone says

"Utterly disastrous. Do not deal with them if at all possible. I had a van booked for midday, sent an e-mail to confirm at 10 am and telling them I was en route. At 12:30 I called when no driver had shown to be told he couldn't make it. Didn't call back as promised as I sat on the kerb with my furniture. Eventually I got hold of the manager who said they might be able to send the van by 4pm. The problem was apparently a flat tire which somehow was going to take hours to fix. I got no apology or offer of a discount and wasted hours of travel each way and then while waiting and had to cancel. They also promised me a full refund would be paid the next morning and now it's 8 pm and the haven't paid me back. So their 'service' has fallen even lower in my estimation. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Worst service I've ever had from any company. I can't rate with 0 stars so they are getting 1."

Gawain112 says

"So the initial driver dropped out, and a replacement took up the job. I was called at 06:00 on the day of moving to let me know he would be late, so instead of arriving at 11:00, he would be between 13:00 and 14:00. He eventually turned up at around 16:00. I was picking the keys up to the new place at the time, as he was so late, so I couldn't help move the items into the van. He turns up with his girlfriend and instantly asks for more money, stating he's driven all the way from London out of the kindness of his own heart, which made my girlfriend very uneasy. If it was out of kindness, he wouldn't be trying to get more money out of us. He also massively damaged every panel of our wardrobe, which could have been avoided if he had listened to my girlfriend, as I had left instructions to avoid such a thing, but instead he replied with "don't tell me how to do my job". I managed to get back just as they were finishing up loading, and it looked like everything had been thrown in. He then tried suggesting we should pay him extra to myself, and threatened to unload everything when I said no, as he agreed the price when accepting the job. If he wanted more he should've not taken the job, or said when he called in the morning. Or just simply not asked and done a decent job, as I would've likely given extra as thanks anyway. When confronted about the wardrobe damage, he showed us one side of one panel that could be seen from the back of the van, stating there was no damage. When it came to unloading, it was obvious there was lots of damage. Honestly the worst moving experience I've had so far, and that's after moving many times in the Army. I'll stick to hiring a van and moving myself next time."

Csigér Aliz says

"Awful service, rude driver,useless customer support. I don't recommend it to anyone! Maybe I was just unlucky with the driver but still, when I contacted the customer support, I had the same experience."

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